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We write...a lot.

Words, words, and more words.  Young writers dread them; teachers and professors love them.  From sophomore English to college admissions essays, supplemental questions and CommonApp prompts, there is a lot of writing associated with the application process.   Enter BrightMind Writers.  

Beyond our writing services and instruction, we accept a limited number of students each year and we become their personal project managers.  The application process is complex and daunting to parents and students alike, especially first timers.  We break the process down into manageable pieces, offering guidance, counsel, a fresh perspective, and honesty along the way.  We believe that information fuels preparedness, which leads to better decisions, and ultimately provides students with more options from which to make their college  selection.

Auburn University

Boston University

Clemson University

Emory University

Florida State University

Georgetown University

Georgia Tech

Kennesaw State University

Mercer University

Ole Miss

Rice University

University of Alabama

University of Chicago

University of Colorado

University of Florida

University of Georgia

University of Kentucky

University of South Carolina

University of Tennessee

University of Texas

University of Virginia

Yale University

Brainstorming Topics
Personal Guidance
College Fit
Essay Outlines
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% adequately prepared (overall)
% lacking proficiency in writing
% adequately prepared (writing & math)
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"Tracy is easy to talk to and actually made [learning the process] fun and less intimidating. I honestly learned more than in any prep seminar or AP lit class so far. I will be reaching out when grad school applications are due."
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"Tracy is the most wonderful mentor/teacher I have ever had. She does not lecture and tell me what to do, everything is a discussion and she helps me understand why."
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"Tracy is very big on your participation throughout the process...and she wants your opinion. She listened to my parents as much as she listened to me. Material is presented so that it's not boring, and you will understand everything you need to know."
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"Our hope was to partner with a professional who could steer our son's college essay-writing process from the beginning to the end. The hands-on guidance we received from Tracy far exceeded our expectations. Not only is Tracy an expert in her field, she has a way of connecting with the students she coaches. This connection is what enables her to lead students during a time that can sometimes be stressful for the entire family. Tracy gave us more than we ever imagined. She provided nearly round-the-clock encouragement, critique, and counsel. She was one of our son's biggest advocates and cheerleaders as he wrote his college essays, and we are forever grateful."
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"When I started the college application process I was overwhelmed and stressed out about the upcoming chapter in my life. I didn't know how to make the application process go well and the first thing to do was write my CommonApp essay. When I met Ms. Tracy at school, she assured me she could help me. I was grateful but I never could expected such a wonderful outcome. Having her work with me through the process made everything easier, relieving much of my stress and anxiety. She kept me on a good schedule with great advice. I was able to complete my essay with significant time before the actual due date and have it encapsulate the story I wanted to tell. Amazingly, it's all thanks to Ms. Tracy, and I would highly recommend her if you need help with the college application process."

To reach out, please complete the contact form.  We typically respond within 24 business hours.  If you have special considerations, please note them in the text box below.  If you are registering for the essay package giveaway for your school, please check the appropriate box.